NSWG-2 Finance Team Wins Comptroller Award


By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Rob Rupp, Naval Special Warfare Group 2 Public Affairs

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (September 25, 2015) – On Aug. 3, Naval Special Warfare Group TWO (NSWG-2) Comptroller Janice Sadler went into her office and began her day by going through and cleaning out her email inbox. As she was deleting the spam in her junk email folder she noticed something that did not belong, an email from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management and Comptroller) (FM&C).

“Why would an email from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy Comptroller go to my spam folder?” she wondered as she contemplated opening it.

Sadler then opened and read the email and was glad she did. The email congratulated her and her team for winning the Echelon III Comptrollership Team award.

“I am glad I didn’t delete it,” she said with a laugh. “This award is the tip of the spear for anyone working in fiscal management. It gets no higher than the Navy Comptroller recognizing your team’s accomplishments and hard work.”

The N7 department won the award for training NSWG-2 personnel on how the financial management system, known as roadshow training, works, producing a newsletter designed to inform NSWG-2 personnel on recent news regarding financial management, and in-house training with the N7 department itself.

“The roadshow training, newsletter, and in-house training were tools we used to make us and NSWG-2 personnel smarter,” Sadler said. “We were able to get our staff certified properly in Department of Defense financial management.”

This is the first time a Naval Special Warfare command has won the Secretary of the Navy Comptrollership award.

“There are SOCOM awards, WARCOM awards, and NSWG-2 Awards but this is the highest award,” said Sadler. “I was pretty ecstatic because the N7 staff got the recognition for their hard work.”

Sadler and NSWG-2 Deputy Comptroller Tonya Hays traveled to the Pentagon on Aug. 27 to meet with Assistant Secretary of the Navy (FM&C) Dr. Susan J. Rabern and accept the award.

“I wish I could have taken everyone to the Pentagon to receive the award,” Sadler said. “Honestly, it’s not about me, it’s about the N7 staff.”

The N7 department is made up of 18 personnel and their areas of responsibility include; budget, accounting, and travel.

The budget division of N7 prepares financial plans of action and assists the NSWG-2 claimancy using spending plans to acquire the materials and services necessary to complete the mission.

The accounting division manages funding for contracts, tracks spending, makes sure the bills get paid and financial obligations are met.

The travel division certifies travel vouchers for payment, approves travel voucher orders, and they are the agency program coordinators for the government travel credit card.

During an awards ceremony on Sept. 17, NSWG-2 Commodore, Capt. Pete Vasely individually recognized each member of N7 and gave them each a certificate of appreciation.


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