In honor of our NSW History, please take a moment to read a bit about a fallen shipmate

(KIA) 12 April 1969. HMC Robert Leroy Worthington of UDT 13, Golf Platoon
died of wounds from B40 rocket shrapnel sustained in a river ambush while
aboard Patrol Craft Fast (PCF) / Swift Boat on the Duoung Keo River in the
Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

The full write-up is at the link below, but to get you interested…

“Because there were eight boats traveling up river the VC had plenty of
time to sight in on the slow boat that was last in line. Her position as
last in the file, aggravated by her heavy load, combined to seal her doom.
As the lead boats were exiting the kill zone and scrambling to safety
upstream, the 43 was just arriving. All the other boats put the pedal to the
metal, while the 43 succumbed to her bulk, falling farther behind until she
was relatively alone, the only thing for the VC to aim at, in the center of
the kill zone. A B-40 rocket crashed into the helm”

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Photo from

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